Course Curriculum

Our course curriculum is made up of 12 units including the online theory with the Beauty Guild. Each unit has a video tutorial, some units contain guides and case studies. Each section of the course will sent to your email address via Dropbox, we have found this is the easiest method to share multiple files back and forth. 

Unit 1 - Introduction, including your complete guide to your full accreditation in makeup artistry!

Unit 2 - Beauty Guild Online Training, you will be studying relevant and up to date theory


Unit 3 - The Art of the Brow, this unit will include Structure, Fluffy and Soft Brows

Unit 4 - Eyeliner, learn Classic Winged Liner, Smokey Liner & Glitter Liner

Unit 5 - Signature Soft Glam & Soft, Dewy Skin

Unit 6 - Signature Full Glam, Half Cut Crease

Unit 7 - Advanced Artistry Colour Half Cut Crease

Unit 8 - Advanced Artistry Floating Cut Crease with an Ombre Liner

Unit 9 - Feline Cat Eye 

Unit 10 - Full Matte Smokey Eye

Unit 11 - Case Studies

Unit 12 - Business Planning - Kit Recommendations & Building and Social Media Guidance 


Unit 1 - Introduction

Introduction to your complete guide to a full accreditation in makeup artistry!