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Online Training

This course has been created to offer a certified online course covering all aspects of our signature glam makeup style. 12 HD footage tutorials have been filmed covering all aspects of makeup, ensuring your success with any job in this forever growing industry. All tutorials are step by step and cover all elements from start to finish.


Our course is split into units covering all the makeup knowhows from theory to natural application, soft glam, our signature half cut crease glam and our full advanced colour glam. In these tutorials you will also learn skin types, tones, foundation colour matching, false lash application, different styles of eyeliner, brows and much more! You will learn plenty of different techniques and skill, building your knowledge and confidence.


This course allows you to submit your full case studies for Emilie to personally assess and give you feedback. You must study the makeup section from the Beauty Guild first and then move onto our practical assignments. Online theory is unit 1 on the course.


Our course has a 6-week completion date, or you may complete the course as quickly as you like. We are very excited for to get started with us and we can’t wait to level up your artistry!


THE TOTAL COST OF THE COURSE IS £200, VAT IS ADDED ON TO THE COURSE IN THE CART. Payment plan os 3 instalments of £67 is available. 

Online Training

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